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Psychic feelers and becoming a sensitive psychic

Psychic feelers can feel what others are feel. Psychic feelers are also known as 'sensitives'. They are usually very emotional people. Psychic feeling usually involves the ability to send or receive pure emotions and feelings. 
* Year 2007 updates:
many people are sensitive but aren't aware it. The way you can tell is when you get a funny feeling in your belly and a few minutes later or days later you find out that a big life transformation has taken place. Just keep an eye on your feelings because that is your inner intuition trying to communicate with You.
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This can be a very complicated ability due to the fact that another energies feelings come to you very strong. It could be anything from love, hatred, great sorrow and all the rest. Life can be experienced through the feelings of someone else. It can be very painful and overwhelming experience at times. You basically feel the emotions of other individuals. Psychic feelers are usually very sensitive to the point that it the can become ill due to all the emotions they feel or absorb. They can actually feel their way through other peoples lives.

Psychic feelings are usually felt on the stomach. For some reason the energy is just felt there. Most feelings can come from any where or anyone. Even plants feel to a certain degree. Most psychic feeler just move through life knowing what others are thinking based on what they feel. It's like telepathy of pure emotional flows and life. Feeler really do feel your pain and know where it stems from. Your subconscious mind usually holds the answer to the pain but while people are feelings they aren't really aware of what the mind is trying to communicate unless they are extremely aware of themselves. More coming soon.

The psychic body area of a "Feeler or Sensitive" is located by the stomach.

Most feelers absorb emotions through their stomach. There is a concentration of energy that translates the energies received and that information is sent to the brain and spirit.

Becoming a psychic Feeler (sensitive)

This psychic ability involves becoming extremely open to other energies that are mainly received near your stomach. You basically have to allow other people emotions to effect you and find away to open yourself to other peoples feelings even if those feelings aren't good ones. That's that difficult part about becoming a psychic feeler.

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