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Pictures of Spirits, Anti Christ, photos of Angels, Satan, 666 & the Devil

This page includes many new pictures and photos that show the presence of spirits and ghosts.  I also included some information (located towards the bottom of this page) which answers the question: Who's the Anti Christ? Who is Satan or the Devil? Where or when will we see him and what's going to happen? This page is very interesting.
* Year 2007 updates:
The Reality of Life is that there are Good Spirits and Bad Demons in Life. There is a God And there is a opposite of God who is made of Pure Evil and is known as the Real Satan or The Evil one). This page will teach you a lot about spirituality and photos to prove it.
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Spirits Seen in NY. Was like a giant exorcism or coincidence?
More Real pictures below.

When it comes to understanding Spirits and Angels the Pictures below should help you understand the difference between Right and Wrong.


When it comes to news, The world has changed a lot since I first created this page. There has been the Globe changing Tsunami in the Indian Ocean that destroyed a large part of the Muslim country of Indonesia as the Armies of Islam surrounded Israel. The Earth quake changed time on earth and many Sprits were involved in those events ... If you have a sense of spirituality or believe in Bible prophecies You may understand that. 
BushJR is still President and "So called Ruler of the "Free World" (Free from sanity). And All kinds of acts of evil are going on due to corrupt and wrong Systems set by world governments. But there is hope ... the hope is that everyone should do their best to Fix their own communities and lives without getting corrupt governments involved.
The rest of this page was designed sometime ago but it still makes perfect sence. 


Some people say that this page has proof or evidence that spirits and ghosts are real but I added much more to this page. There is Nothing to Fear if you are a Good Person. Good people are protected by Holy Angels, Guardian Spirits & the Loving Energy from God. If you are a Good person my pages are for you.

If you want to know about the  "Real Hell" (where evil people are punished according to their deeds) you can read about that all the way at the bottom of this page on the page 2 of this page which is all the way at the bottom of this page but there you can read a lot of other interesting things in this page, too.

The First few Paragraphs have pictures of ghosts that appeared during September 11th 2001 after the terrorists attacked.

The Pictures are Below
The photos bellow show spirits that appeared in the World Trade Center (WTC). The photos we're taken when the planes hit and around the time the World Trade center was falling. These interesting pictures help remind humanity that evil spirits or demons are real (are were probably headed to hell). You can actually see their faces coming out of the  building. If there's a Hell, chances are that there is also a Heaven where good Angels live and good people are rewarded.

What are Ghosts? A ghost is a trapped spirits. A regular spirit is a free living being but a ghost is trapped. A demon is a bad being. An Angel is a massager (they can be good or Bad depending on what they do). They are all different living beings and are real.

Pictures of The Terrorist Attacks of September 11th may have been predicted and foreseen in the Tarot Cards!
The 16th Card in the Tarot is called The Tower. This card is very interesting because it seems to predict the Terrorist attacks of 911 on the Twin Towers. Tarot cards have been around for hundreds of or thousands of years and I think the cards that show this card was made somewhere between 1900 and 1920 or earlier. The card shows three windows on fire that could symbolize the 3 planes. The fires look like angels or planes if you zoom in or see the actual card closely. You can see many similarities to the September 11th events on the Card.

The Photos below were taken after 911. These pictures are real ! The other picture is just a scan of the 16th Card in the Universal tarot Deck

You can zoom in and get a closer view by Right clicking on a spirit, then choose the "Zoom In".

1. The Spirit face.
2. The other face.
3. The ghosts flying out.
4. Picture of the 16th spiritual Card in the Tarot called The Tower.
5. Spiritual World Trade Center Cross.
6. New York's New World Trade Center (Twin Towers) in 3 pieces.

Here are some other spiritual photos (You can click on them to view the larger version).

Spiritual cross appeared on September 11thSpiritual mysteries around September 11th
This Large Cross was mysterious formed after the Towers Fell. Some people wanted to keep it in the memorial at the site but I don't know  what happened to it at the End. It sure looks like a crucifix.


3 PiecesOther Biblical Prediction in Revelations
The Twin Towers were split into 3 different pieces in 911. This picture was all over the news stations and magazines.
See Revelations Chapter 16, sentence #19
The great city of Babylon was split into 3 pieces, and cities around the world fell...


Predictions of 911 or September 11th in the Bible in the Book of Revelations? Could these be Biblical Prophecies?

After The 6th/Sixth seal is opened by a Lamb of God - The terrorist acts of September 11th happened after the the Angel opened the Sixth Seal from the scroll and read the words of God.
Revelations Chapter 6, sentence 12 - I watched as the lamb broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake. The sun became dark as black cloth, and the moon became as red as blood....
After The 5th/Fifth Trumpet is blown by the Angel -
911 happened after the Angel blew the 4th trumpet and the world woke up.
Revelations Chapter 9, sentence 1 - Then the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen to earth from the sky, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit. When he opened it, smoke poured out as though a huge furnace, and sunlight and air were darkened by the smoke ....

The 7th/Seventh Bowl poured into the Air by the Angel  September 11th happens after the Angel pours the The Seventh Bowl into The AIR.
Revelations Chapter 16, sentence 17 - Then the seventh angel poured his bowl into the Air. And a mighty shout came from the throne of the temple in heaven saying, "It is Finished!" Then the thunder crashed and rolled, and lightening flashed. And there was a great earthquake greater then ever before in human history. The great city of Babylon split into three pieces, and cities around the world Fell ....

If you want to see the rest of the chapter you will have to see the Bible (I can't make this page too long).

By the way, I heard read somewhere that the creator of Tarot cards used ideas from the Book of revelations when they created the cards. And the Tower card 16th card (the picture is below) also has lightning crashing when the tower (Babylon fell in after the seventh angel poured his bowl into the Air). I guess it's true.

Terrorist Attacks 911 and Spirits in the Tarot Cards?

The Anti Christ or Devil in the Tarot Cards?
These Pictures are from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Answer? Maybe. Tarot cards are tools used too understand our life and spirituality. Many different tarot decks were developed & designed by some of the most well educated spiritual leaders and psychics of their time. tarot cards are symbols and can also be used to see into the future but usually as a reflection not as a inevitable future. Facts about knowing the Future. The Future is always changing. There is NO such thing as Fate but God knows everything and we living beings can sometimes see it or perceive it. But nothing is meant to be ... God just shows things sometimes since it knows everything. A good life and Good Spirituality is essential for living in peace. 

Here are a few spiritual cards in the Universal Tarot deck and they're possible spiritual meanings.

These Tarot card where created before 1930

Pictures of Angels - The Love .. rs, The Devil, The Tower and The Angel of JudgementThe 6th Card is 'The Lovers'
This card shows a man and  women in peace. A good angel is looking over them. It's opposite of the 15th card.

The 15th Card is 'The Devil'
This card shows a demon or the Devil who has control over both man and woman. Evil Bat wings which shows he works at night or in darkness. And a torch.

The 16th Card is 'The Tower'
This card may be a prediction of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers! You can see the attack from the sky by lightning and 3 windows on fire. (like 3 planes and the flames look like planes or spirits if you zoom in). And the people jumping off. And a crown flying off. Many hidden little clues are in the card.  Poetic justice??

The 20th Card is 'Judgment'
This card shows people waking up and coming out of the death they were living in. Waking up from darkness. Trumpet of truth came. Some people say it was Americans waking up after September 11th happened.

There are a total of 78 Tarot Cards. You can see the order your self if you buy the Universal Tarot Deck. These are just a few interesting cards. I think the cards are just spiritual tools (like the Bible & other spiritual tools) that people can use to see the future and understand life. But it's a long story. Maybe one day I'll have time to tell people about it. Not enough room here. I'll think about it.

Picture/Photo of Nostradamus the psychic and prophetNostradamus - Michel de Nostredame born on December 14th 1503 - passed in 1566
Nostradamus predicted 911. Here's the Quatrain
The year 1999, seventh month,
from the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great
   King of Angolmois,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

Translation? In Latin the word seventh month means September. The year 1999 means at the end of the world or close to it. King of terror from the sky is obvious. King of Angolmois? I don't know about that one. Mars is symbolic of war and has other astrological meanings.

Where or Who is the Third Anti Christ on earth?

The Word Anti Christ means: Against all that is Good and against "God" or nature (whatever you wish to call the life force).
The Original meaning of the word Christ has always meant:  "The anointed on" and I believe that it also meant "someone who saves and does truly Good actions" . Jesus of Nazareth was called "Jesus Christ" because people believed he was going to be a great leader who would bring Great Good to all the World (A Christ).
Now, I'll discuss the possibility that Satan or The Beast may already be walking on earth. I have a list of people who might be him (near the bottom of this page). The word "Third Anti Christ" comes from the popular belief that may stem from Nostradamus (one of his books said that there will be 3 Evil World Leaders would do great harm to Earth). Most people think that Nostradamus was right and they consider "Napoleon the 1st Evil Leader & Hitler the 2nd & the Third is still up in the Air for most people.

What About 666? The 666 is the popular sign that the "Christian Bible" says that the Beast or Satan is named, can be identified with, or is connected to. Bad spirits are all around, but if an Evil human becomes a powerful world leader, there's big trouble for the whole planet.

Christian Biblical Prophecies and Predictions in the Book of revelations in the Bible.
You can read the "Beast Chapter" here or Open the Bible and go to the Final Book of the bible called the "Book of Revelations" or "The Apocalypse". And see Chapter 13 in that book.
Chapter 13 - Sentence 16. (the Beast chapter).
"He (the Beast) required everyone--great and small, rich and poor, slave and free--to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name, Wisdom is need to understand this. Let the one who has understanding solve the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man
*His number is

If you want to see All of Chapter 13 in Revelations and read my opinions & translations you can see the whole chapter word by work in the link below.
Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 (page opens in a new window)

Holy scripture is a combination of symbols and words that try to show people how to understand things without providing exact evidence. This book was intended to share wisdom with people who live at any point in history (not just for those who live while these Beasts are in the world). So everything is somewhat vague. If you watch the news ... these things may ring a bell.

The Abomination and Abominations
By the way, remember to support nature & earth by eating and buying all natural and organic products and Food. Most food has unnatural chemicals that destroy the planet (they are like abominations to the planet). Those are part of abominations not only clones even though many people are already eating cloned food (specially corns) and they don't even know because companies are keeping it a greedy secret.

What does 666 mean? Different Bible versions translated the original language of the bible, differently. Some say "the number 6 three fold", others say "6 hundred and sixty-six & others say 6 times 3 or three sixes.
I personally see it as "three Sixes" because the number six is a symbol for money or the Planet "Saturn" in astrology.
Some people also think that the 666 is actually the New "Global Market" that forces everyone on earth to conform to it. In fact, if people don't adapt to the World economy, they can't work or sell their stuff. The USA is a major sponsor to the new world Economy or global capitalism.

This is the 15th card in the Tarot Deck. It's the Devil Card
Tarot Cards also discuss Satan or the Devil. (The Cards are spiritual tools. They are Not bad unless they are used by bad people).

The Devil or SatanThis Card shows the characteristics of true Evil, Satan, Devils and the Beast.
1. He has Bat wings which show he works in Darkness and with the Dark.
2. He uses chains to hold you captive to his evil box but they are loose so you can remove them.
3. He has a Upside down Star over his Head which shows that he turns things upside down or the wrong way.
4. His horns point downward towards the ground and he carries a flaming torch to burn and destroy good things or people.
5. You can see grapes or tempting fruit on the females tail. That is just a symbol of Eve and the temptation that made all humanity fall.
6. There are many different symbols in this card that have different meaning to different people and situations.

Bellow I've listed some potential Beasts or The Anti Christ Himself (Big Maybe)

I'm making the calculations based on World opinion (not just American opinion), religious writing/ scriptures, common sense and some other things I took into consideration.

I would Also Like to add something VERY IMPORTANT
Being evil doesn't just mean that you killed a lot of people. The essence of evil means that someone does all kinds of wrong things. Things like hurting people, polluting the planet, bringing instability to countries, people or land. The following people are all religious & say they are men of God ... even Hitler. But words speak louder then words.

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Is President George BushJr. the Anti Christ?
The United States is the Most powerful country in the World since we have the most powerful Military (nukes, lasers and other weapons that we use or sell to others). The USA is called the Great Satan by many countries and we have great influence world wide (usually considered Good for the USA but not necessarily for other people, according to them). And US policies and laws aren't well liked, globally.
Most environmental groups (like the sierra club, green peace and many others) say that the Bush Administration is multiplying global pollution that will destroy our environment, forests natural recourses and world. Many others say that he is doing it all for Money (the economy) & Power.
Since Bush Jr. is the Leader of the USA, he is considered the most powerful/ influential man on earth.
Bush Jr. was born on: July 6, 1946.
His full name is George Walker Bush Jr. There are 6 letters in his first name (George), 6 letters in his middle name (walker) and 4 letters on his current last name but if you add the 2 letters of "Jr."(BushJr) and that could make it 6 letters, too. But his original last name use to be 'Busche' and that name has "6" letters. That makes him name a 666 which is pretty funny and strange. He is a Price since his father was a king or President. And some say that he is a Price of Darkness (darkness because of the pollution, The Bush Administration is one of the most secretive group so they keep the world in darkness. Many say he turned the Texas Aka The Lone "Star" state upside down (the upside down star symbolizes Evil work. There's a Picture above). 

Was Adolph (Adolf) Hitler the Anti Christ?
According to most people he was the 2nd Beast but not the 3rd. During his time, people around him claim that he seemed demonically possessed because of his crazy/furious gestures. Of course, everyone feared him and most people didn't like him but he has great influenced so everyone followed anyway.
Hitler was born on: April 20, 1889.
Adolph Hitler has 6 letters in his first name and 6 letters in his last name. He did lead the world into the most gruesome and evil war mankind has ever publicly seen (but many people across the world accuse the USA of doing really bad things in secret or arming others to do it).

Was Saddam Hussein the Anti Christ?
Saddam is the most popular candidate for this position, in the USA. His name even sounds like Satan. He also lived in Iraq (Ancient Babylon is located there). He probably had the most powerful country (oil & weapons) in the middle east. He invaded a few countries but later retreated after being chased back to Iraq.
Saddam Hussein was born on April 28, 1937.
His first name also has 6 letters but his last name has seven. His abusive laws pissed many people off.

Was Osama Bin Laden the Anti Christ?
Osama is also a popular candidate for being the Evil One (specially since Bush Jr. calls him that). He is (or was) the leader of one of the most powerful "Terrorist organizations" in the world. He says that he is just defending Arabs and others across the world from oppression and injustices. But the US begs to differ.
Some say his Birth date is March 10, 1957.
Osama also has a huge following across the World (most people across the world like him since they don't like the USA). His organization did great damage to many countries by destroying the World Trade Center because it was the heart of many World Economies. The entire world was effected, not just the USA. Not many 6's on his name but his effects are scary and brought pain to many.

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Part 2 of this page

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