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Free Advice about Therapy regarding feelings and emotions

Therapy is suppose to be healing process. There are many times emotional problems or physical problems can be solved through alternative therapy. Many therapist unintentionally try to 'covered up' or pacify problems with medication or ineffective processes that aren't as effective as simple ways. Simple and healing communication that is completely open from both the therapist and the patient are actually illegal even though it's considered the best way by nature and common sense. 
* Year 2007 updates:
Therapy is good if you can afford it but if you can't you should just pay a good friend to listen to You. You should find a therapist who is open to breaking some of the COLD hearted rules that makes them thing that they shouldn't show any feelings even though you are expressing feelings.
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Unfortunately economical abuse is what happens after a few months of therapy (way too expensive most of the time). Problems Need to be solved not just covered up with medications (unless medically required). Emotional therapy is suppose to heal peoples minds so they can perceive life and people correctly. Therapy is basically communication and a understanding of human emotions and feelings.

When seeking therapy you can either choose the conventional way or find an alternative. Most therapist claim that it takes years and thousands of hours of therapy to heal and usually costs about $60 and hour. Most unconventional therapists admit that it can vary any where from a day to whatever a client decides and costs considerably less then conventional therapy.

Ways to find a good therapist

Finding a good therapist is a lot like finding a friend. You must find someone who you click with. Find someone who isn't a hypocrite and someone who will treat you like a human being and not just a patient. Look for a therapist that will make you feel "better"... not smaller.

Finding a good therapist

A good therapist is a great listener. A therapist is suppose to listen to you and help you become aware of who you are and what you feel. 

Free Therapy

Eventually communication with with others about your feelings is essential but you can do that through a good friend or a trustworthy person. You can pay either person to be there for you at a good price. You can even contact one of those FREE HOTLINES out there for help. Anyway, Feel free to look around my site for help and good advice on many subjects.

 REMEMBER: Most conventional therapy processes are very expensive and it can turn to a form of abuse on people economic situation. So don't add economical problems by trying to fix other problems. There's many ways to do that affordably and still find healing ...my Website is on of the FREE Way. Why Free? because I'm a goody 2 shoes. There are also many different Hotlines, books and good people out there that can help you with out leaving your pockets empty.

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