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All the Planets - How the planets effect life on earth and astrology

This section explains the relationship between planets and life on earth and their effect on the Astrology signs. All of our surroundings affect us including the stars and planets. This page also explains the symbolic connection between astrology sings and the planets. The  descriptions of each planet adds it's energy to your astrological sign in the same way the Sun does. .
* Year 2007 updates:
The biggest issue recently is that some astronomers claim that Pluto is not a planet BUT pro ASTROLOGERS say that it still is and that it still effects the Sign of Scorpio and Pluto effects all aspects of Astrology symbolically.
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At a deeper level they are also symbols or how our surrounding effect us. Each planet deeply affects all the astrology signs. The specific placement of the planets and constellations (at all times but specially when you were born) are a very important part of your over all astrological life (most astrologers will agree).

How to read
the tables.

Name and Ruler.
Its purpose.
Good quality.
Bad quality.
Most similar to.
Birth dates affected.

The Planets are next to their opposite (horizontally).

The Sun - Leo
self, ego, & personality.
confidence, assertive, leader
arrogance, egotistical, power-hungry
show, leadership, entertainment
The Ego, & Sense of Self
Days 19: 1, 10, 28 -Sunday

Mars - Aries
physical desire & competition
aggression, active, direct 
temperamental, impulsive, rude
unrestrained energy, sport
The Masculine
Days 16: 9, 18, 27 -Tuesday

Jupiter - Sagitarrius
expansion, opportunity & travel.
positive, optimistic, cheerful 
lazy, careless, excessive
abundance, humor, philosophy
The Higher mind
Days 10: 3, 12, 21, 30 -Thursday

Mercury - Gemini & Virgo
intellect & the conscious mind. 
analytical, speedy, witty,
nervous, scattered, gossipy
communication, logic
The Teenager
Days 1: 5,14, 23 -Wednesday

Uranus - Aquarius
sudden change, surprises & new.
unique, intuitive, shocking
erratic, unpredictable, high-strung
rebellion, freedom, revolution, electric
The Teacher & Knower
Days 4, 13, 22, 31

Planet for Taurus - Unknown

The Moon - Cancer
the subconscious mind & emotions.
caring, intuitive, nurturing 
moody, shy, insecure
imagination, family, receptive
The Mother & Baby
Days 18: 2,11, 20, 29 -Monday

Venus - Libra & Taurus
love, art, music & society.
expression, social, sympathetic 
indecisive, dependent, too passive
partnerships, marriage, harmony
The Feminine
Days 3: 6, 15, 24, 30 -Friday

Saturn - Capricorn
responsibility, duty, & "must do's".
caution, serious, determination 
cold, rigid, pessimism
restriction, karma, work, obstacles
The Father & Old man
Days 21: 8, 17, 26 -Saturday

Neptune - Pisces
abstract, hypnosis, & faith
compassion, idealist, psychic
delusions, confused, self-less
trance, illusion, confusion, oceans
The Spirit
Days 7, 16, 25

Pluto - Scorpio
mystery, secrets & the hidden.
concentration, detecting, dedicated, 
controlling, dominating, obsessive
metamorphosis, destruction
The Transformer
Days 0: 00

Planet for Virgo - Unknown



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