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Advice7 (which is now Advice711) provides a great deal of free advice, entertainment, self-help and much more for people all over the world. Here you'll learn about dozens on interesting subjects and life issues. My Website is a gift for humanity not a service but I would appreciate donations. Advice7 (which is now Advice711) is completely free and we also have some entertainment sections that include free games, free greeting cards and animations. 


Here are the most popular pages in my website (more coming soon):

Section: People, Feelings and emotions

Expressions for Internet

Learn about Obsessions -




About Abusers

Ending Abuse

Types of Abuse

Attracting men

Attracting women -


Section: Supernatural experiences and psychic powers

Magic - Learn about super natural magic


The Basics about Astrology Signs - 

Astral projection





Section: Health and fitness 

How to Quit Smoking

This site is about sharing secrets, free tips and giving helpful information to all visitors. Things are explained in a clear and understandable way (No psycho babble or mind boggling scientific terms that only the finest minds in NASA can understand). This site was created by someone who's always helped friends with good advice and enjoys helping everyone out... now I'm doing it over the internet. I've studied many different cultures, philosophies, science related books, some psychology and even different spiritual beliefs so I know what I'm talking about. After evaluating everything I found my own great answers (as I usually do) and put everything on Advice7 (which is now Advice711) and it's all here for you to enjoy and learn from. We are like a huge and completely free Self-Help book about most life issues.

Advice7 (which is now Advice711) is more then just free Advice, Free help and tips:
Does Advice 7 have
free jokes, breaking news and stuff? I've got jokes and I spread them for you (all over my site). I've got news and I break whatever I can. If you're looking for free stuff... I've got that too. I've got free pictures, greeting cards, games, wallpaper and images for you to use, too. Our pages are loaded with Pictures, common sense and everything is easy to understand. I have great tips on tons of different subjects and my personal advice is very helpful. On my site you'll learn how to do all kinds of things here. Everything is designed to keep you feeling comfortable and satisfied. Everything in my site loads extremely fast and I won't waste your time. This site will please you and make you want to come ... back.

Advice711 will soon include the following:

This Website is Under RE-CONSTRUCTION
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after I get I get Money to Spend
Many Hours and weeks to Rebuild it.

100's of pages were deleted by "People" I did not know
back in August 2015.

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